There are many reasons you may want your own interactive map of the US. With the development of Flash technology and home computing, it has become easily possible to buy, download or even create your own fully customizable interactive US map. Using the latest Flash technology, the most dynamic and editable Flash maps can be created to suit your every need.

If you want to create your own map completely, you should use some software in the market like iMap Builder. The greatest thing about iMap Builder is that provides free trial version, so you can take it for a test ride and decide if it’s the right software for you. If you decide you’d prefer to purchase a ready-made maps with customizations already pre-set. There are many reputable websites or software that have a wide range of customizable and customized US maps.

Before deciding the kind of map to go for, consider what you want it for. You could have a very specific reason for creating or buying your customizable map. There are many common uses for your personal US Flash map including:

1. An interactive address book – perhaps you’d like to have all your family and friend’s addresses in one place. With a customized Flash map you can add every individual address via the zip code and create a tab with your friend or relative’s name.

2. Landmarks and tourism – perhaps you have a family trip planned and want to know some of the points of interest to visit. You can customize your map to show all the landmarks and museums across the country. You could also choose to have your map link straight to Yahoo! Tourism pages for each state.

3. Education and schooling – teach your kids the US states! With an interactive Flash map you can teach your kids the name of each state. You can also include other important facts in the customizable info box such as state capital and state senator. This is a great way of getting your child ahead of their class and the interactive element can mean they are more interested in their studies.

4. Customizable business/Shop finder – you can program your map to find local businesses and shops which may be of interest.

Having your own customizable US map is very convenient and a brilliant way of collating all your important geographical information and searching new things that you may need to know about different states across the US.

It is also possible to use your customizable US map for business purposes. Perhaps you need to enhance your company website and you need a customizable map that shows all your branch offices. As well as flagging the branch offices across the States, a customizable map will also allow you to add a text information box. In this text box you could include the office manager’s contact details and any other relevant information.

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