Duty. Honor. Country Goes the timeless motto of one of the most prestigious and the oldest Military Academy in the United States of America – The U.S Military Academy, also named simply as USMA or casually referred to as “West-Point”.

Established in 1802 a good two decades ago it has successfully and consistently developed cadets (Students) intellectually, physically, professional and has been marked as an undisputed authority in quality education and training. The cadets go through a stringent course here, broadly in 4 different areas sometimes named as “The West-Point Experience”.

The USMA demands a stringent admission requirement and usually looks at young men and women, aged 17 to 23, unmarried and have no obligations towards any dependents whatsoever, should have no legal obligation to support children. They must be fit intellectually, morally and physically and must receive a nomination from an approved source such a congressman or other officials.

In addition to the core curriculum, equally balanced in Arts and Sciences, cadets get to choose between 31 fields of study and 19 electives. Classes are usually small with a student teach ratio of 8/10:1 .The passing graduates are conferred a Bachelor of Science degree and are commissioned into the army as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Cadets can also be cross – admitted into the Navy or the Air Force depending on whether they meet the necessary admission standards and complete the inevitable procedures successfully. Upon graduation they must be in active service for a minimum of five years. West-Point graduates have served the U.S in a wide capacity of roles ranging from Military Leaders to Explorers in Space.

The History Of The Civil War

Apart from the usually grill of studies and extended physical activities, there are a host of extra curricular activities a host of clubs pertaining to religion, sports and hobbies or interests. The cadets come out as very well-educated individuals with a high sense of integrity and self-respect. Most of them emerge as leaders later on in their careers. Discipline, respect for peers and superiors, assiduousness, a sense for strategy and progressive thinking, decision making and managing people – all these virtues are found to be widely seen among the USMA Cadets, Graduates and the Alumni.

Always mindful of its celebrated history and untainted legacy, it continues to send out commissioned officers into the modern U.S Army. The oldest Military Academy in the United States has an fantastic respect it had accrued from people by sending out heroes, whoever end up making their Alma Mater, the Country and themselves, Proud.

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